Turks & Caicos Part II: Island Hopping

/Turks & Caicos Part II: Island Hopping

Turks & Caicos Part II: Island Hopping

While in TCI, we chartered a boat from Lady K “Barefoot Luxury” Yacht Charters.  This turned out to be one of our favorite vacation days ever.  I cannot recommend this highly enough!

They made the day so easy! We were picked up by van at the resort that morning by Keith, who it turns out was our First Mate. He delivered us to what I can only assume was a private dock as it looked to be in the backyard of a private house. I remember being surprised we were at a someone’s home, but pleasantly so as it gave me an excuse to peek around and see some other gorgeous houses up close.

Once we boarded our Lady K, we quickly made friends with Captain Lavelle and got underway. 

We started our adventure by snorkeling on a shallow-water shipwreck.  We are not divers, so I didn’t think I’d ever get to see a shipwreck up close.  However, this one is so shallow and so close to the shore that it was easy to explore. (Plus, our daughter was super happy when we assured her that surely the sailors were able to just walk to shore and survive. Helped with the creepy factor for sure!)

Shipwreck in very shallow water

From here we went to several different islands.  I don’t remember all of the island names but know that Little Water Cay (Iguana Island) was definitely one of them!

Lavelle and Keith were so fun. They found sea stars for us, pointed out rays and turtles and served a fabulous lunch in a picnic area of one of the islands mid-day.  They cater lunch from a local restaurant — it was really good! I should also mention that there were plenty of cold drinks aboard too. No one went hungry or thirsty this day!

In the afternoon, they took us to snorkel at a reef.  Lavelle pointed out one of the huge spiny lobsters… it wasn’t yet lobster season, so he got to survive at least another 7 days. 

Heading on shore with fruit for the iguana

Again, this was a highlight of our trip and we absolutely recommend chartering from Lady K Charters!

If you haven’t read our review of Seven Star Resort, please click here for more info on the property and our trip to TCI.

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