Behind the Seeds Tour – EPCOT’s Living with the Land

/Behind the Seeds Tour – EPCOT’s Living with the Land

Behind the Seeds Tour – EPCOT’s Living with the Land

In her first travel blog post ever, our daughter gives her thoughts on EPCOT’s Behind the Seeds tour of Living with the Land ride.  Below, you’ll find my input as well as a few links and price details.

Daughter’s review: The tour was very fun and interesting for both adults and kids! I am 10 and had lots of fun. We tried some cucumber, and learned about hydroponic growing! We also saw the world’s third hottest pepper. The overall tour is about an hour, and I recommend riding Living with the Land boat ride before, if possible. I recommend getting Fast Passes for the ride itself, as it can have a long wait. I think doing the tour after the ride is really cool because you know all the little details!

If you do the tour you get to feed the fish and see TONS of hidden Mickeys and one hidden Minnie. I think the tour is definitely worth the money and the experience. It also helps ease the guilt of parents like mine who think that I need to get some educational experiences while at Disney.

Parent’s review: The Behind the Seeds tour is a one-hour walking tour back-stage of Living with the Land ride.  The Land has been one of our favorite rides for a while now – easy to jump on and nice for a 10 minutes rest, especially on very hot days. (Though, ironically, there was a 45-minute wait last time we went which we found very amusing.)

The tour costs $25 for adults and $20 for children under 10.  There are generally nine tour times throughout the day.  Sign-up and pay at the Tour Desk in front of Soarin’ and be sure to be back 10 – 15 minutes before your tour time.

Our tour was led by a college intern from University of Florida. He explained that he gets to run one of the greenhouses and is responsible for all the plants in that area.  There are actually four greenhouses plus the fish far that you get to explore during the tour.

Hydroponics play a big part in their greenhouses, but also cultivating plants in sand and other experimental surfaces, or none at all as the hanging plants illustrated.

And did you know that much of the food grown in the ride is actually used in the park’s restaurants?  The salsa made from their fresh tomatoes, peppers, etc. at The Garden Grill restaurant (that rotates and lets you peek into Living with the Land from above) is hands-down our favorite salsa ever.  (We are still waiting for the chef to email the recipe…)

The main theme of the ride and the walking tour is one of environmental responsibility.

We really did enjoy the tour. It definitely added an educational, but pretty cool learning opportunity to our day!

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