Breckenridge, CO Part II: Activities

/Breckenridge, CO Part II: Activities

Breckenridge, CO Part II: Activities

PART II- Activities

Ironically, on this trip, neither of us actually skied.  We did, however, snowmobile for the first time – which was AWESOME! Other favorite activities included:

  • Riding the gondola up and down the mountain
  • Eating and drinking at Tbar
  • Visiting a spa
  • Riding the Alpine Coaster
  • Exploring the picturesque town


This was, by far, the most fun winter activity I’ve ever done.  We went with Good Times Adventures and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. Their staff was professional, knowledgeable and inspired confidence.  I say that as someone who has not only never driven a snowmobile, I’ve never even driven a jet ski. They described their snowmobiles as luxury models – made for comfort, not extreme sports.  And made a point to explain they buy all new ones every season. They offered snow suits and boots free and, of course, helmets and goggles.  Our guide even let me borrow an extra facemask/neck warmer to keep my face warm.

Alpine Coaster

I’ll say right off the bat that I loved the Alpine Coaster!  I found it a bit of a misnomer though as it is not what I think of as a roller coaster.  It’s more of a sled down the mountain on a track, but you can control the speed of your own car.  This is a GREAT activity for adults and kids alike.

Dog Sledding

We did not dog sled on this trip, but several friends did. They booked through Good Times Adventures – the same group with whom we did snowmobiling. Every single person who participated had extremely positive things to say. I regret not doing this, but there’s always next time!


A friend and I booked our spa appointments at Rejuvenation Mini Spa at One Ski Hill Place.  Luckily, we left ourselves plenty of time to find it because we got quite lost and confused trying to get to the right place.

Part of our problem was trying to fit in a quick lunch before our appointments.  (She had a facial while I did a massage.) We should have known that grabbing a “quick bite” at the top of the mountain on a Saturday would have been nearly impossible.  At lunchtime, every restaurant was packed, and several had 15-30 minutes waits.

We ended up sharing a pizza at the extremely crowded bar at Robbie’s Tavern at Grand Colorado on Peak 8.  Once there, we asked to be pointed to the spa not considering that each hotel property might have their own. So, we ended up at Infinity Spa, learned we did not have appointments there and eventually found our way to Rejuvenation.  By that time, we were definitely in need of some relaxation!

We both enjoyed our treatments, though, and can recommend the spa wholeheartedly.


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