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Away3 Go Travel Essentials & Tips

Below is my list of travel essentials and tips to remember for any journey. I never leave home without them.

  1. A good scarf – can make a coordinated outfit out of any t-shirt and jeans and double as a blanket on cold airplanes or any overly air-conditioned space. Obvious in winter, but often overlooked in warmer weather.

  1. Ear plugs – you can pick these up at any drug store. More than once they have saved a good night’s sleep in a hotel room too near an elevator, or with a noise family next door.

  1. Water – this sounds too easy, but travel is stressful. Air travel is inherently dehydrating. Car travel can discourage water drinking because you have to stop for bathroom breaks… my husband may disagree (and I did too when our daughter was a baby), but I think bathroom stops are a good thing. I like to take the opportunity to stretch, check my phone and pull up my next playlist. When home, I constantly carry a large Tervis Tumbler plus lid and straw- I probably fill it 8-10 times a day. When traveling, I switch it for a Tervis water bottle with leak-proof lid. Many airports have free, filtered water where you can fill up before your flight. Flight attendants are typically happy to fill you up in the air if you ask.

  1. Tinted moisturizer with SPF – Mary Kay makes my current favorite, but there are several I’ve used and liked. I use this for an easy make-up refresh, mix with foundation or stand alone as a base. A few light dabs under eyes can act as a concealer for tired eyes. And, back to the dehydration of travel, a bit more moisture on your skin is a good thing.

  1. Extra-long phone charger – I cannot stand having my phone plugged in across the room or on the floor. I want to be able to reach it in the middle of the night when I have those random ideas, remember that I haven’t turned up the volume for my morning alarm or need to turn up the white noise app to block excessive noise (see ear plugs). Most hotels now have outlets very near the nightstand, if not incorporated into the furniture or lamps, but some still do not.
  2. Prescription meds – It’s been said before, but be sure to bring any medication that you must have in your carry-on when flying. The one time you decide to check it will be the one time your bag is delayed.  Don’t chance it.
  3. If traveling with my child, I always have:
    1. A small blanket to cuddle with (yes, even now that she’s 10)
    2. Some form of entertainment (this usually includes iPad – fully charged, coloring book with colored pencils or markers, and a book to read)
    3. Any “lovie” that must be present for sleep
    4. Quick access to children’s ibuprofen and children’s Benadryl – and if we are going anywhere by boat, I bring children’s Dramamine
    5. Snacks. I don’t go anywhere without snacks.

I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting. What are your travel must-haves?  Comment below and feel free to include photos and links.

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